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Grossloge "zur Sonne" (Grand Lodge "Sun"), Bayreuth. Constituted 1811. 39 4,041 Grosse Landes-Loge von Sachsen (National Grand Lodge of Saxony), Dresden. Constituted 1811. 40 7,502 Grosse Loge von Hamburg (Grand Lodge of Hamburg), Hamburg. Constituted 1811. 61 6,000 Grosse Mutterloge des Eklektischen Freimaurer-Bundes (Grand Mother Lodge of the Eclectic Union of Freemasons), Frankfurt am Main. Constituted 1823. 25 3,475 Grosse Freimauerloge "zur Eintracht" (Grand Lodge "Concord"), Darmstadt. Constituted 1846. 10 876 Grossloge Deutsche Bruderkette (Grand Lodge German Fraternal Chain), Leipzig. Constituted 1924. 5 1,730 180 23,624

In 1925 there was also a handful of old-established independent Lodges with a total membership of 1,635 Brethren.

It is next necessary to define the extent to which Jews played any significant role, in a numerical sense, in German Freemasonry at this period. As far as the Old Prussian Lodges were concerned there would presumably have been no Jews who had not already been converted to Christianity in "Mutterloge" or "Landesloge" Lodges. "Friendship", which was by far the most liberal of the three Old Prussian Obediences, had accepted Jews in its Craft Lodges between 1872 and 1924 but had now closed its doors to them.

The distribution of Jews in the six Humanitarian Obediences was uneven. The following information refers to c. 1931 when both Jewish and Christian Freemasons were beginning to resign from Lodges in the face of intense anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic pressures. There were apparently very few Jews in the fifty-five Lodges affiliated to the Saxon, Darmstadt and Fraternal Chain (Leipzig) Grand Lodges. These had a total membership of c. 10,000 in 1925. The inference, therefore, is that Jews mainly belonged to the 125 Lodges under the Hamburg, Eclectic Union (Franlecot am Main) and Bayreuth Obediences, which had a total membership of c. 13,000 in 1925. The available evidence suggests that Jews were not "over-represented" in German Freemasonry during the period 1919-33. However, since they may have tended to concentrate in certain Lodges in large towns, such as Frankfurt am Main, to that extent they could have been conspicuous

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